Femto Second LASIK / ReLex-SMILE

This laser treatment is for those who are between 18 and 45 years old and who want to avoid having to use glasses or contact lenses to see well. The method provides the highest possible safety, superior fastest recovery of full sharp vision, and the lowest complication rate of all vision correction procedures available today.

What is done during the operation?

We use a laser to create a 110 micrometer (1 micrometer = 0.001 mm) thin flap of the outer layer of the cornea, 9.5 mm in diameter, hinged upward. This takes 18 seconds per eye.

The flap is then lifted up and folded upward on the eye, while a so-called excimer laser corrects the visual error with high precision. Depending on the strength of the glasses to be corrected, this takes between 2 and 15 seconds. The laser removes tissue from the cornea in the order of micrometers to give the cornea the correct curvature for optimal optics. There is almost no measurable increase in temperature on the surface of the eye during the procedure. The excimer laser vaporizes tissue but does not burn.

Finally, the corneal flap is carefully put back in place. Antibiotic drops are dripped onto the eye and the next eye can be operated on in the same way immediately. One also receives antibiotic drops to drip on the eyes oneself for about a week afterwards.

The vision is usually good the same evening after the operation, and the next day, the vast majority can drive and go to work as usual.

Only one word describes this: Magical! Thank you very much for my hawk eye, PMP.

Beate Van Der Meijs

Great. Two years ago I had laser surgery. No side effects.

Olav Li

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