Sam smiles in a selfie while enjoying his bike ride.

Laser eye surgery: – Quick, painless, and easy

During a day trip to Oslo, Sam Hart traded his glasses for clear vision. After the laser eye surgery and a glass of wine, he returned to work the following morning.


“I used to forget my glasses and couldn’t be bothered. Shifting focus from seeing close to middle distances was tricky, so things like cooking were a nightmare,” Sam Hart says.

As the CEO of Harts Group, he oversees 14 restaurants in London serving Spanish-, Mexican- and English cuisine. Amongst them, you can even find a Michelin star. It can be demanding to monitor operations, and now, post-surgery, glasses are one less thing to worry about.

“Right after the procedure, I could read fine print, so I gave up on glasses immediately. It’s such a relief not to deal with them anymore.”

Your eyesight changes with age

Age-related changes to the eyes are common and can be a hindrance in everyday life. There are different ways to correct it without using glasses. One option is to replace the lens, and another is to use lasers. The latter is gentler and close to risk-free. This is also the option PMP Eyecare offers.

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“No pain was involved, and the actual surgery was done in seconds. I felt some pressure on the eyes, but it was all done so quickly,” Sam says.

Results are immediate, so after only a three-hour post-op rest, Sam and other patients can enjoy a clear vision. What differs from patient to patient is the time it takes to get used to the new normal. Just like with glasses, it can take some time for the eyes to adjust.

“I was told that my eyes could be itchy and scratchy in the first six weeks while they heal. Since then, my eyes have gradually gotten better.”

Immediately after surgery, both distant and close-up vision will technically be at 100 percent. However, some might perceive distant vision as slightly blurred at first. Activities such as driving are unlikely to be problematic during this adjustment period, which typically spans the initial 4-8 weeks. After this phase, one can expect clear vision across all distances.

A good excuse to visit Oslo

Flying in and out of Oslo within a day is easily doable. Since the preoperative examination can be conducted on the day of the surgery, it is very time efficient.

“Navigating to and from the airport was a breeze, and with the clinic’s prime location in the city center, you can effortlessly explore the city or grab a drink before heading home. The PMP Eyecare team was exceptionally welcoming, and Petter, the surgeon, was readily accessible for queries both pre- and post-surgery.”

“I highly recommend others to consider the eye procedure. My business partner went for it and is thrilled with the results. Interestingly, I believe his eyes adjusted even quicker than mine.”

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